BrewBuddy Lager- Brewing Instructions

micro-brewery-contentsBrewing Instructions

A starter kit for the lager enthusiast. Comes complete with equipment and ingredients to make 40 pints of fantastic lager. In addition to these brewing instructions you may want to read through our beginners guide to beer siphoning.

In addition to this kit you will also need 1 kg of sugar and either a 5 gallon pressure barrel or 40 x 1 pint lager bottles.


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BrewBuddy Lager Box Contents

- 1 x 25 Litre fermentation container to brew in
- 1 x 25 Litre fermentation container lid to cover fermentation container and prevent contamination
- Hydrometer to check that the fermentation process is complete
- Syphon tube and clip to transfer the lager from original container to a second container or bottles
- 1 x Lager pack from which the lager will be made
- 1 x Lager yeast to start the fermentation process
- 1 x Steriliser to clean and sterilise all equipment

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Clean all equipment with sterilising solution (full instructions on pack).
  2. Remove the label and stand the can in hot water for 5 minutes to soften the contents.
  3. Whilst the contents are softening boil 3.5 litres (6 UK pints) of water.
  4. Open the can and pour the contents into your cleaned and sterilised fermentation container (25 Litre bucket).
  5. Add the boiling water to the fermentation container.
  6. Add 1 kg of sugar (brewing sugar is favourable – available in home lager and wine stockist). Normal sugar can be used.
  7. Mix the contents thoroughly to dissolve the sugar and malt extract.
  8. Add 19 Litres (33 pints) of cold water to bring the volume up to 5 gallons. Stir and leave to stand until the temperature reaches 18-21°C.
  9. Sprinkle the yeast supplied onto the liquid and stir.
  10. Cover the fermenting container with the lid and place in a warm area 18-21°C.
  11. Now leave to ferment.
  12. Fermentation will be complete when bubbles have stopped rising (between 4-6 days).  Alternatively you can check that the fermentation has stopped when your hydrometer reading is constant for 3 days (see notes on hydrometer reading overleaf)
  13. Syphon the lager into either a pressurised container or lager bottles (ensure that these have been sterilised beforehand), being careful not to disturb the sediment at the bottom of the fermentation container (see notes on siphoning overleaf)
  14. Add half a teaspoon of sugar per pint to each bottle (or maximum of 8 gms (3 oz) per gallon pressure barrel).
  15. Cap and seal the bottles/apple the cap to the pressure barrel and stand in a warm place for two days.
  16. Move the bottles or barrel to a cool place for 14 days or until the lager is clear before drinking.

Your lager is now ready to serve, drink and enjoy ……