Microbrewery Bitter- Brewing Instructions

micro-brewery-contentsStep 1

Assemble the barrel components

Now you’ve received your Microbrewery, check that all of the contents listed are present, and then assemble the components of the barrel as explained.

Step 2

Sterilise barrel and equipment and rinse

Open the Young’s steriliser. Make up a solution by dissolving 1-2 teaspoons of the steriliser per gallon (4.54 litres) into warm water and fill the barrel to the top. Leave the barrel to soak for 20 minutes and rinse out thoroughly with clean cold water. Never use boiling water and never add to beer!!!)

Step 3

Add your tins of brewing concentrate

While you are waiting for your barrel to sterilise, boil 6 pints of water. Also put the unopened can(s) of brewing concentrate into your kitchen sink bowl and cover with hot water from the tap. Leave the can(s) to warm through while the barrel is sterilising.

Once the barrel is rinsed, carefully open the can(s) of brewing concentrate and pour the contents into the barrel. (If there are two cans both must be added). Please avoid pouring the concentrate on the float system.

Then half fill the empty can(s) with boiling water to remove any brewing concentrate residue and carefully pour this into the barrel.

Top tip:
When filling cans with boiling water wash the can(s) out with half pint of boiling water than wash the remaining residue with an half pint of water.

Thereby adding a total of 2 pints of boiling water to the barrel and swirl it, to dissolve the brewing concentrate as much as possible.

Add the rest of the 6 pints of boiling water and continue to swirl the barrel to dissolve any remaining concentrate.

Step 4

Top up with cold water and yeast

Then add 10 pints of cold water and swirl the barrel carefully. Then add the remained 19 pints of cold water from the kitchen tap and then add the contents of the yeast sachet – simply sprinkle onto the top of the liquid – screw the cap assembly on, hand tighten and then swirl the barrel to vigorously mix the contents – be careful this will now be quite heavy!

Step 5

Leave 14 to 21 days to clear

It is important that the barrel is kept at about 20-25°C for the next 2 weeks. During this period your bitter will ferment and the yeast will form firm sediment at the bottom of the barrel. After this fermentation period your barrel should be placed in a cool area. This will help your bitter to clear. Within the next 7 days your bitter will be ready to drink – Enjoy!

You may find once that about half the bitter has been drunk the bitter stops flowing. Don’t worry; this is the time to add the CO2 from the gas bulb supplied – Please refer to the step-by-step instructions.

Want more fizz then have a go at Natural Priming

If you prefer your bitter with slightly more fizz then transfer the bitter to 13 sterilised 2lt fizzy drink PET bottles add 1 level table spoon of sugar to each before placing the lid on. Do not fill your drink bottles to the top allow 1 inch of head round. This will allow for the build up in pressure in the bottles during secondary fermentation. Allow the bitter to ferment at room temperature 16°C-23°C for at least one week but two is preferable (if you can wait that long). Then transfer the bottles to a fridge to lower the temperature of the bitter until it reaches 4°C after which time the bitter can be syphoned into crown cap glass bottles. Before capping the bottles place a pinch of sugar into each bottle.