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Country Wine Starter Kit 6 Bottle White
Country Wine Starter Kit 6 Bottle White

Everything you need, except fruit, sugar and bottles, to start making your own country wine.

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This kit contains enough ingredients to produce 6 bottles of wine.

All of the equipment can be used many times and almost all of the ingredient packs will produce more than 6 bottles of wine.

For your second gallon you will only need grape concentrate, finings, corks and labels.

Working from the recipes in ‘First Steps to Winemaking’ which is included, you will soon become expert at making 100’s of different wines from fruits, vegetables, flowers, grains, juices and concentrates.


1 x First Steps In Winemaking book

1 x 10 litre Fermentation Bin and Lid

1 x 5 litre Fermenter

1 x Airlock

1 x Syphon

1 x 100g Steriliser

1 x Course Standard Straining Bag

1 x 7" Funnel

1 x All Purpose Wine Yeast
1 x White Grape Juice Concentrate
1 x 50 Campden Tablets
1 x 100gm Citric Acid
1 x 28gm Pectolase
1 x 50gm Yeast Nutrient
1 x 25gm Potassium Sorbate