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Woodforde's Great Eastern 'Golden Ale' - 3kg (40pt)
Woodforde's Great Eastern 'Golden Ale' - 3kg (40pt)
Woodforde's Great Eastern 'Golden Ale' 40 pint (4.3%). A golden, pale beer made with a blend of pale and lager malts, appealing to both lager and bitter drinkers.

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Woodfordes Great Eastern is a pale golden beer with a teasing blend of lager malt flavours and hop aromas. Well balanced with a long malt finish taking over from the fading hop notes.  Great Eastern is an ideal refreshing beer for summer and also a great introduction for Real Ale Virgins.

A highly acclaimed as the benchmark for the new breed of straw-coloured 'global' beers.  It was first brewed in 1994 to commemorate 150 years of the Great Eastern Railway in Norfolk.

You can use the equipment from both the BrewBuddy and Micro-Brewery starter kits to make this beer.