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Coopers Lager Starter Kit
Coopers Lager Starter Kit
Probably the best starter kit in the world for lager drinkers. The Coopers Starter Kit includes everything from PET bottles and caps to a Coopers lager kit, that is the equivalent of 40 pints

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Also included in the kit is a detailed instructional booklet and accompanying DVD, ensuring that even the most novice brewer can be confident of getting it right, first time. Apart from water and a can opener, everything you need is here!

Kit Contents

1 x 30ltr plastic fermenter, lid and rubber 'O' ring
1 x tap,washer and sediment reducer
1 x airlock & rubber grommet
1 x little bottler, bottling valve & tube
1 x Brewing Sugar
1 x Carbonation Drops
1 x adhesive digital thermometer
1 x instructional DVD
1 x hydrometer
30 x 740ml plastic bottles & caps
1 x plastic spoon
1 x 1.7kg can Coopers Lager kit