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 Wine Making Starter Equipment Kit
Wine Making Starter Equipment Kit
This package contains all the equipment required to make 30 bottle wine concentrates. The equipment can be re-used.  For each batch of wine you will also need the concentrate, 30 bottles and 30 corks.
Can be used with our 30 bottle wine kits.

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Equipment Included

  • 25 Litre Fermentation Vessel (x2)
  • Fermentation Vessel Lid (x2)
  • Air-lock Grommet (x2)
  • Young's Cleaner/Steriliser 100 grm
  • Long Plastic Spoon
  • Young's Auto Syphon 23 Litre
  • Small Handy Airlock (x2)
  • Hydrometer (Stevenson-Reeves)
  • Thermometer 12" (Spirit)
  • Trial Jar (Plastic)
  • Little Bottler Complete