Alcohol Awareness Campaign Promoted by Dundee United

Players from Dundee United Football Club are helping to promote a new campaign for alcohol awareness in their local Tayside area!

Twenty seven year old Andy Webster, Sean Dillon who is twenty six and most of the players from Dundee United are putting a great deal of effort into the worthy campaign.  They all hope that it will show the local population, as well as other people in the surrounding area that drinking should be taken in moderation and of course that it will be beneficial for their health in the long term if their drinking is reduced.

Being one of the top five areas in the UK for deaths relating to alcohol, Tayside is an area in great need of this type of campaign, particularly as the figures for health problems due to excessive drinking are on the rise in Scotland.  The country has one of the largest problems in the world relating to excessive drinking which has been linked to strokes, weight gain, liver disease and cirrhosis.

The campaign has been called 'What's in it for me?' and it highlights a person's options about how they should drink sensibly and gives positive information about reducing health problems that can be associated with alcohol as well as how to get the most out of their life with their family and work etc.

Mr Paul Ballard, a representative from NHS Tayside, went to Dundee United's football stadium to begin the launch of the campaign.  Mr Ballard commented that people are not always aware of how much alcohol they should be able to drink and they want to ensure that everyone is aware of the recommended guidelines of alcohol units for both men and women and how much they should allow themselves to have on a daily basis.

The director of Dundee United, Derek Robertson stated that the club was more than happy to show its support for the crusade.  The club already has an alcohol ban on all of its games and Dundee has a bylaw in place which forbids the drinking of alcohol out in public.