Alcohol Banned Shop Still Selling Drink

A shop owner from Idle in Bradford had his alcohol licence revoked and is currently waiting for his appeal to be heard but in the meantime, he has continued to sell alcohol, something that residents of Idle find bewildering.

The Idle Village off licence is run by Balwant Singh.  His licence was removed in February this year by Bradford Council after allegations were made that the shop was selling alcohol to underage children.  The village residents had also filed a large petition.  The Trading Standards set up an investigation and an undercover officer purchased alcohol at the shop after making it clear to the staff that he was buying it for a child.

Mr Singh appealed against the licence revoking and until a decision is made at the Appeal hearing at the Magistrates Court, due to take place in August, the shop is still able to carry on selling alcohol.  Mr Singh claimed that he had been targeted as part of a "witch hunt" and went on to say that he had never experienced problems before with any other shop that he dealt with. He also commented that Idle had experienced trouble of this nature for a long time and did not think his shop was solely to blame.

There has since been a new application to the Council for a new alcohol licence for the shop but the name on the form is Mandeep Kaur Bagry.

The villagers have to contend with the consequences of underage drinkers having easy access to alcohol allegedly through this shop.  There have been incidents of disorderly behaviour from the young people drinking as well as the mess from the bottles thrown around.  The residents and the local Police are trying to combat this by ensuring everyone is aware of the dangers of underage drinking and they have even been delivering leaflets warning sellers that it is an offence to sell booze to someone under the age of eighteen.

The Chairman of Bradford North Area Committee, Councillor David Ward stated that the residents, unsure why this shop is allowed to continue trading want alcohol sales stopped at the off licence.  He commented that they are upset with the Council's lack of capability in enforcing the ban and he feels the residents are suffering as a result of the system.