Beer Belly Keeps Man in a Drain

A man from Bochum in West Germany was found very tightly wedged in an open drain of a sewer and the one thing that was keeping him there was his big fat beer belly.

A passer by who was going to move his car heard a cry for help and on checking around the immediate area he saw the man stuck in the drain.  He tried to pull the man out of the drain but even using all his strength was unable to do so.

Forty six year old Gerhard Wilder did not notice that someone had removed the drain cover as he was staggering home.  He loves his beer and unfortunately it was due to his excessive habit that he was unable to get out of the drain.  Fire-fighters had to come to the very embarrassed man’s rescue and it took them an hour to remove a section of the drain so that they could free him.

A spokesperson from the fire brigade stated that no-one knew who removed the drain cover and that Gerhard denied that he had done it.  Once he was finally free he left for his home straight away.

Pictures of the stuck man were shown on the news and in the papers the next day and after his experience, Gerhard has vowed to lose some weight and most definitely stop or at least cut down on his drinking.

Beer Bellies

It is normally men that suffer with the dreaded beer bellies which are also sometimes called a pot belly.  The belly is distended and looks swollen and stretched and can generally look quite uncomfortable.

There are plenty of theories about how a beer belly is formed, the most common assumption being that a man has a pot belly due to excessive drinking.  These theories have not been confirmed however although excessive beer drinking, as well as a poor diet can all contribute to the apple shaped bellies.