British Youths are Among the Worse in Europe for Binge Drinking

Last year over 5,000 school girls under the age of 16 needed hospital treatment as a result of alcohol abuse.

New figures released by Public Health Minister Dawn Primarolo states that girls’ as young as 10 were included in the report which according to statistics shows this is a 21 per cent rise in figures over the last five years.

The report also highlighted that during the period 2007/08 over 13,000 young women between the ages of 17 and 21 were admitted to hospital for alcohol related problems.  These figures are up by almost 50 per cent from 2003/4.

Those women aged 26 or over also showed a dramatic increase going from 196,625 five years ago to a staggering 300,000 last year.

Alcohol related problems requiring treatment ranged from upset stomach to mental or behavioural problems trigger off by too much drinking which has led to new figures showing that British youths are among the worse in Europe for binge drinking and alcohol problems.

Over half of 15 and 16 year olds admitted in a poll by the University of the West of England that they regularly had drinking session to excess.

Figures shown that youngster in the Isle of Man and Denmark confessed to drinking more.

Serious Public Health Issues Face the UK

Alcohol Concern Chief Executive Don Shenker said the figures show alcohol misuse is “one of the most serious public health issues facing the UK” and is fighting to have tough measures placed on the sale of cheap drink.

He said “Sadly, these figures confirm more and more young women are developing long-term health problems by regularly drinking over the recommended limits, so it’s not only binge drinking that we should be worried about”.

A private members bill calling for a minimum price on alcohol to deter heavy drinking was launched last year by Labour MP for Northampton Sally Keeble which has since won the support of England’s Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson.