Calorie Contents on Labels and Tax Increase on Stronger Drinks Proposed

Calorie content could soon be seen on labels around beer and wine bottles in the hope of deterring binge drinkers.  In particular the diet conscious woman who may think again knowing how fattening their drink really is!

The Government’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs put the proposal forward with suggested examples as ‘'A pint of lager = 2.3 units = 170 calories = a sausage roll'.

However, the drinks industry has replied by condemning the idea as they claim it could simply push drinkers into skipping a meal in order to have the drink.

A spokesman for the Wine and Spirit Trade Association warned against the calorie labeling plan by saying “It's good in principle for consumers to have the information to make an informed choice but you wouldn't want people choosing alcohol by calories or thinking they could have a drink and skip a meal.

'Alcohol with food is better and adults should decide based on alcohol content, not calories.'

The Stronger the Drink the Higher the Tax

Other proposals in the paper sent to the Minister’s suggests increasing taxes on strong drinks making it more expensive to drink some of the cheaper but more potent brands of lagers and ciders.

The ACMD said “one major reason for the increase in binge intoxication in the UK is the gradual increase in the alcohol content of alcohol in wines, beers and especially lagers and by reducing alcohol content would be a simple approach to reducing intoxication”.

“Differential taxing - according to alcohol content per unit - could be one such method employed to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed”.

Safe Houses for Heavy Drinkers to Sleep in Proposed

These as well as other controversial proposals such as happy hours reductions and ‘wet or damp houses’ where drunks could sleep off a night of heavy drinking in safety were sent to the Department for Health as part of the ‘Safe Sensible Social drinking laws review and results are expected to be published after approval from Gordon Brown.

Calorie Comparisons

  • Bottle of Champagne = Steak and kidney pie
  • Bottle of Red Wine = Two jam doughnuts
  • Bottle of Bacardi Breezer = Three bourbon biscuits
  • Bottle of Wine White = Two large slices of sponge cake
  • Pint of Draught Guinness = Wispa chocolate bar

Low or non calorie alcohol drinks that taste the same as full strength alcohol drinks are long overdue and if they ever hit our supermarket shelves I’m sure they would be a sell out in no time!