Councilman Charged with Drunk Driving

An Assemblyman from California involved in a car crash was charged by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office with being under the influence of alcohol when he was found to be over three times the legal limit.

Councilman Andy Quach, while out driving his black Mercedes Benz S550 hit a car carrying three passengers and then hit a power pole which resulted in almost three hundred houses having their power cut off, the engine of the car subsequently then caught fire.  When the authorities arrived they found the Councilman to be slow and lethargic, his speech was slurred and he was showing many signs indicating that he was drunk including red eyes and of course the biggest indication was that his body and breath smelled of alcohol.  Unfortunately Mr Quach was not able to complete the sobriety tests that the police officers administered and he was found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.26 percent.  The legal limit is 0.08 percent.

Sgt Dan Schoonmaker from the Westminster Police stated that due to a miscommunication internally the second car was not known about initially but they had publicised the details as soon as they became aware of it. 

A close friend of Mr Quach, Assemblyman Van Tran confirmed that he had met up with Mr Quach and some friends at the West Coast Buffet on Beach Boulevard not far from where the car crash occurred but that he had left the restaurant at ten o’clock.  He was made aware of the incident when Mr Quach called him just after midnight to request his help.  Assemblyman Tran left for the scene immediately to offer his friend some assistance and he believes that his friend can make up for his mistake as long as the voters understand that everyone makes mistakes.

Mr Quach had three previous citations going back to 2004 prior to the car crash consisting of two speeding incidents and a moving violation.  Two of the citations were dismissed but he was found guilty of the first speeding citation and was fined more than twenty five dollars.

After the accident, Mr Quach stated that it had changed his life forever and that he was very lucky that no one else was injured including himself.  He also commented that despite the charges that he would not be resigning from his position within the council.  He feels that his recent experiences will make him a better Councillor as he will now be able to advise people on the dangers of driving while drinking but he is aware that his actions have let his constituents down.  The arraignment will take place at the West Justice Centre in Westminster.

An Assemblyman is a member of the CaliforniaState Assembly of which there are eighty members.  The Councillor being charged with this offence shows that not everyone is above the law.