Excessive Drinking Causes Death

After 40 pints of lager and 30 bottles of alcopops a 27 year old man died after being rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed with suspected pancreatitis.

Mark Drew had been on a five day holiday to Vilamoura in Portugal where every night he downed over 10 pints of larger and several bottles of alcopops.

The lads who were all team members of the Horsley United Football Club had gone on an end-of-season trip and began their daily downing of alcohol each day early in the afternoon.

Mark’s friend Keith Grant told the inquest that Mark was not normally such a big drinker and went on to tell them that “We moved from bar to bar until 11pm and then went to a club where we would stay until 2am. 

We would drink solidly with a break at 7pm for dinner.  We all drank about 10 pints of larger and seven or eight bottles of alcopops”.

He went on to say that “Mark seemed fine.  He was a bit drunk on occasion but was certainly not paralytic”.

Mark Ignored Pains and Went on Drinking

The inquest heard how on the return journey home Mark was struck with stomach pains but still choose to ignore them and went down to his local pub in Horsley where he drank five more pints of beer and played skittles with his friends.

It was the next day, when the pain became unbearable, that Mark rang his friend Keith to ask him to take him to the hospital.

Keith noticed while he was helping Mark into the car that he was doubled up with pain and writhing about.

When they arrived at Stroud General Hospital and his illness was diagnosed, he was immediately transferred to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital where he was placed in intensive care.

Sadly after nine days Mark lost his fight and died.

Cause of Death

Doctors’ statements that were read out to the inquest said that heavy alcohol consumption which led to pancreatitis was the likely cause of death.

Excessive Alcohol Abuse Health Risks

Health warnings are being thrown at us from all angles regarding excessive drinking and still people choose to ignore the risks for the sake of socialising and keeping up with others!

Significant increase in short-term risks to health and safety are getting out of hand among the ‘hard’ drinkers. 

Men are more likely than women to succumb to drinking more than the recommended limit and 62% of men in the last month have been found to binge drink twice as much as women during the same period.

Males are also at the top when taking driving risks while under the influence by not using their seat belts and speeding! Never mind the fact they should not be driving at all!

Excessive alcohol use can impair a man’s ability to reproduce and increases the risks of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophasus, colon and liver in men.

By all means, enjoy your socialising and your drink but remember to drink wisely and learn to listen to your body when you know you have had enough to drink.

For more information on alcohol use and health visit here: General Information on Alcohol Use and Health Fact Sheet.