Home Brew Made from Hospital Hand Gel

Hospital patients are being put more at risk against the super-bug virus MRSA as the hand gel used against the fight is being stolen from public areas to make a deadly homebrew.

The gel contains as much as 70 per cent alcohol levels and mixed with other alcoholic or soft drinks it has caused the deaths of two men with others putting themselves at risk by drinking the lethal concoction.

One South East hospital in London has removed the gel from all corridors and have situated the bottles within the wards and monitored by watchful nurses.

Homerton University hospital in Hackney have gone one step further and replaced their normal gel with a lower alcohol foam based hand wash after it was discovered the theft of over 30 bottles of the colourless gel from their hospital wards’ last month.

CCTV revealed street drinkers were following visitors into the hospital and taking the high alcohol based gel from patients’ bedsides and using them to make up the lethal ‘alcopops’.

There have been no further thefts since the foam was introduced in the hospital.

Two Men Die in Agony

The homeless men who died in agony in Streatham have been named as Thomas Sajdak, 29 and Oleh Wowczysyhn also 29.  In February Thomas was found dead in and Oleh died four days later after collapsing with agonising stomach cramps.

After an autopsy on the men was carried out it was found both deaths were caused by the drinking of ‘hospital fluids’.

Police Finding Drinkers on Street with Bottles of the Gel

A spokesman for ‘Thamesreach’ a homeless charity said “It’s a horrible way to die.  We’ve started to get reports of this from speaking to people sleeping rough and police who have met people with bottles (of the gel).

A lot of it has been anecdotal so far but it’s something that’s come onto our radar and we have been looking into it ourselves over the past three months”.

Ten cases of the gel in the Lewisham hospital have been stolen since March 2007 and June this year and it is believed others deaths are now being linked to the brewing and drinking of the alcoholic ‘brew’.

Gel Placed in Hospitals to Aid Spreading of Disease

The hand wash was placed in hospitals to combat the spread of germs and bacteria from visitors to patients in what has seemed an effective in preventing more deaths from MRSA, Bird Flu and other such deadly super-bugs.

The colourless hand gel has a high volume of Denatured Ethanol which is also used in fuels for spirit burners and camping stoves and is deemed ‘undrinkable’!

An NHS spokesperson has said that “having to remove it from public places because of abuse is obviously causing hygiene problems”