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20-FEB-2009  |  Pub Closed By Landlord
one landlord from Metfield in Norfolk is so cheesed off with his patrons wanting to stay and drink into the wee hours of the morning that he decided to close down his pub. [cont..]

12-JAN-2009  |  Party Organisers Criticised
A company who arranges for students to have evening’s outs has been criticised by a Judge after the behaviour of the participants during a night out got out of hand. [cont..]

12-DEC-2009  |  Councilman Charged with Drunk Driving
An Assemblyman from California involved in a car crash was charged by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office with being under the influence of alcohol when he was found to be over three times the legal limit. [cont..]

27-OCT-2009  |  Alcohol Awareness Campaign Promoted by Dundee United
Players from Dundee United Football Club are helping to promote a new campaign for alcohol awareness in their local Tayside area! [cont..]

14-OCT-2009  |  No Alcohol in Alcopops
When you think of alcopops you would be right in thinking that they contain alcohol but this is now not always the case. A brewery located in Cheshire has gone about making its alcopops without any alcohol in it! [cont..]

29-SEP-2009  |  Philadelphia Pub Celebrates 150 Years
In January 2010, an old ale house in Philadelphia will celebrate one hundred and fifty years since it first opened its doors to the public. The celebrations started in August, exactly one hundred and fifty days before the 1st of January 2010 and there is even a countdown clock on the pub’s website. [cont..]

14-AUG-2009  |  Alcohol Ban for Scotland Team
One drunken night in April involving two Scottish football players has resulted in an alcohol ban for the entire Scotland football team. [cont..]

10-AUG-2009  |  Woman Drowns in Bath
Sheila Farrell, a fifty seven year old woman from Montenotte in Cork, Ireland was enjoying a routine pampering session in the bath when she slipped beneath the bath water and drowned. [cont..]

27-JUL-2009  |  Beer Belly Keeps Man in a Drain
A man from Bochum in West Germany was found very tightly wedged in an open drain of a sewer and the one thing that was keeping him there was his big fat beer belly. [cont..]

23-JUL-2009  |  Mum Refused Alcohol as Daughter Was With Her
A mother from Bridport in Dorset was refused service when she tried to purchase alcohol from her local Co-Op on the grounds that her teenage daughter was with her. [cont..]

19-JUL-2009  |  Alcohol Banned Shop Still Selling Drink
A shop owner from Idle in Bradford had his alcohol licence revoked and is currently waiting for his appeal to be heard but in the meantime, he has continued to sell alcohol, something that residents of Idle find bewildering. [cont..]

08-JUL-2009 | Boozing in Pontefract Park Banned
Towns and cities all over the UK are setting up alcohol exclusion zones as part of an effort to crack down on anti social behaviour, possible vandalism and of course littering of bottles etc.  Pontefract already has an exclusion zone set up in the town centre but the Council are looking to also include a zone within the Valley Gardens. [cont..]

04-JUL-2009 | Alcohol Allowed in Prison Due to Lack of Security
It was recently revealed that Ford Open Prison in Sussex has been allowing alcohol as well as other contraband into the prison due to its lack of security.  This has resulted in many inmates becoming increasingly drunk and violent. [cont..]

29-JUN-2009 | Teen Drinks a Bottle of Vodka and Eight Cans of Beer Every Day
ost teens have at some point had a drink or two but one teen in South Wales takes this to excess and has been known to drink up to eight cans of beer along with a whole bottle of vodka every single day. [cont..]

19-MAY-2009 | Sainsbury's Store in Portsmouth Banned From Selling Alcohol
Many parents struggle enough to keep their children away from easily accessible alcohol, but when a major supermarket store repeatedly serves underage children it is easy to think that they are fighting a losing battle. [cont..]

15-MAY-2009 | Night Clubs are to Test Young Clubbers for Alcohol
Night clubs around the country are cracking down on underage drinking in by asking drinkers to blow into a device called an ‘Alcoblow’ which can detect alcohol on a person’s breath within seconds. If high levels of alcohol are shown, this will result in the youngsters not being allowed entry into the clubs. [cont..]

11-MAY-2009 | Drinkers of Wine Consume 2,000 Calories Every Month
For the majority of us drinking a nice glass of wine is something we look forward to and we usually don’t think that it would be going straight to our hips but for some drinkers, their calorie intake per month can be increased by as much as 2,000 calories. [cont..]

04-MAY-2009 | Tonic Wine Blamed for Crime Rate in Young Offenders
Buckfast, the tonic wine drink produced by Benedictine monks in a Devon monastery has been named as topping the list of Asbo drinks, according to a new report that revealed four out of ten young offenders drank Buckfast prior to committing their crimes. [cont..]

28-APR-2009 | Residents Start Alcohol Petition in Alaska
At present, alcohol importation is restricted within Bethel and residents are assembling a petition in an effort to allow open sales of wine, beer and alcohol in one of the largest cities in Western Alaska. The law impedes alcohol sales and the community is hoping that their petition will overturn this ruling. [cont..]

25-APR-2009 | British Youths are Among the Worse in Europe for Binge Drinking
Last year over 5,000 school girls under the age of 16 needed hospital treatment as a result of alcohol abuse. [cont...]

08-MAR-2009 | False Labels on Pinot Noir Wine Bottles Scam
Investigations are underway between US officials and French counterparts after they were alerted to millions of gallons of wine being sold with the Pinot Noir label. [cont...]

26-FEB-2009 | 2008 High Plains Brewer of the Year Award
Thirteen years after Mark Tanner began making his own beer recipes he has become a local expert on the subject of home brewing so much so that he has been awarded the 2008 High Plains Brewer of the Year. [cont...]

17-FEB-2009 | Members of Parliament Join ‘Axe the Beer Tax’ Campaign
Since ‘Axe the Beer Tax’ was launched last November by industry and consumer groups over 20,000 people have become supporters in the fight to axe plans for any tax increases to be added in the 2009 budget. [cont...]

09-FEB-2009 | Counterfeit Vodka Found in Shops Could Cause Blindness
Four London off-licences have been fined for selling counterfeit vodka that could cause blindness. Twenty bottles of counterfeit vodka that when drunk could cause such devastating side effect such as blindness was found in four off-licences during a ‘sweep’ test by Islington Council staff. [cont...]

11-JAN-2009 | Champagne to Replace Red Wine for Communion
South Leith Parish Church in Edinburgh wanted to celebrate entering its 400th year with something really special and they have come up with the idea of changing the normal drop of red communion wine for a goblet of champagne [cont...]

31-DEC-2008 | Calorie Contents on Labels and Tax Increase on Stronger Drinks Proposed
Calorie content could soon be seen on labels around beer and wine bottles in the hope of deterring binge drinkers.  In particular the diet conscious woman who may think again knowing how fattening their drink really is! [cont...]

28-DEC-2008 | Home-Brewing Kits Being Snapped off the Shelves
Home-brewing kits are disappearing off the shelves quicker than retailers can keep up with the demand during Britain’s credit-crunch economical times and orders are being sent all over Europe to replenish the fast empting shelves. [cont...]

13-DEC-2008 | Christmas Parties and Binge Drinking
The office Christmas party season is now in full force and a recent poll between young men and women has shown that almost half feel they need alcohol to enjoy themselves and drinkers in their 20s and 30s feel more confident around their work colleagues after a few drinks. [cont...]

23-NOV-2008 | Miller Beer Withdrawn From Sale
A decision has been made between Miller Brands UK and Scottish & Newcastle (S&N) breweries to withdraw Miller Beer early next year since the conclusion the brew is no longer viable in the UK market. [cont...]

04-NOV-2008 | Skin Turns Orange after Drinking Cider for Five Years
Just after losing his job as a courier Michael Stenning, 47 began drinking over four litres of cider a day which after five years of supping the apple alcoholic beverage turned his skin orange. [cont...]

25-OCT-2008 | Horse Drunk on Homebrew Cider
After eating rotten fruit that was laying on the ground it is believed the apples fermented inside the stomach of a pony that had escaped from his stables and later found in a swimming in a nearby garden. [cont...]

20-OCT-2008 | Prison Wine Wins Regional First Prize
Joan Manuel a prisoner serving his time in the Alcoentre penitentiary in Portugal was given the job of working in the vineyards and has since won first prize in a region's wine competition as well as having an honourable mention regarding his red wine. [cont...]

29-AUG-2008 | Excessive Drinking Causes Death
After 40 pints of lager and 30 bottles of alcopops a 27 year old man died after being rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed with suspected pancreatitis. [cont...]

17-AUG-2008 | Home Brew Made from Hospital Hand Gel
Hospital patients are being put more at risk against the super-bug virus MRSA as the hand gel used against the fight is being stolen from public areas to make a deadly homebrew. [cont...]

04-AUG-2008 | English Village Pubs Could Disappear
A total of 1400 pubs were closed down last year alone and it seems the great British pub could soon disappear from the hub of village life with communities shutting down and people staying in their own homes. [cont...]

21-JUL-2008 | Budweiser Sold to Belgium Firm
The owners of Stella Artois have taken over the famous Budweiser beer in a £27 billion pound deal. This deal has made Stella Artois the biggest brewer in the World with an expected 46 billion litres of beer to be produced over the next year. [cont...]

15-JUL-2008 | More Deaths in India Expected due to Drinking Illegal Alcohol
Over 150 people have died in India after drinking poisonous illegal alcohol and 50 survivors have been left with permanent blindness while 135 in hospitals are in critical conditions. [cont...]

07-JUL-2008 | Car to Run on Wine
When Queen Elizabeth gave her son Prince Charles an Aston Martin for his 21st birthday present she would no doubt have raised the royal eyebrow if she had been told that 38 years later it would be fueled up and run on wine! [cont...]

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