No Alcohol in Alcopops

When you think of alcopops you would be right in thinking that they contain alcohol but this is now not always the case.  A brewery located in Cheshire has gone about making its alcopops without any alcohol in it!

The Unicorn Brewery has decided to try making the fizzy drink without any alcohol and is calling it their ‘soft brew’.  Made from malt and English hops, it smells slightly like a beer and even looks like one when it is poured out with his frothy topping but it is actually alcohol free.  The trick is to leave out the yeast process which then prevents fermentation from taking place.  The beery type drink comes in three different flavours including blackcurrant, apple and citrus and the fruit juices are added to create a lovely sweet drink.

Matthew McAuliffe, the product development manager from Marks & Spencer is excited about selling this new range of alcohol free drinks which is being sold for less than four pounds for four bottles.  Marks & Spencer are advertising the drink as the first of its kind claiming that no other brewery in England has brewed this type of soft drink.  Matthew feels that a wide range of drinkers will enjoy the drink if they fancy a night out which is alcohol free and added that it even tastes like a sweet beer.

Over the last year or so the sale of alcohol free or low alcohol drinks has actually increased while the sale of beer and wine across Britain has struggled.   This is according to market research carried out by The Company Nielsen, a leading company in market and media measurement.

I hope for a lot of drinkers that the bottles are well labeled as they will be very disappointed on buying what they think to be an alcohol drink only to discover that its completely alcohol free!