Pub Closed by Landlord

Most businesses would revel in the fact that their customers wanted to stay and spend some more of their hard earned cash but one landlord from Metfield in Norfolk is so cheesed off with his patrons wanting to stay and drink into the wee hours of the morning that he decided to close down his pub, which just happens to be the only one in the small village!

The Landlord Paul Swan, ran the Duke William pub with his wife Venessa but he began to feel frustrated when some consumers were turning up at the pub just before closing time at 11pm so Paul began calling 'time' early at 10pm.

When the locals realised that Mr Swan saw their actions as a nuisance, they decided to stay away from the pub which forced Paul to lock up the doors and windows and take the pub sign down.  Residents from the village who are now hoping that Mr Swan will leave and sell the pub have begun a petition to enable them to take over the running of the bar.

Paul and his wife had spent over four hundred thousand pounds by purchasing and refurbishing the public house so are quite rightly upset by the actions they feel forced to undertake.  Mr Swan was even reported to the local Council after closing down the pub as they were living in the pub's living quarters and had not applied for a change of use status.  To insult them further, someone had written the word "good" underneath Paul's "Closed" message on the pub's sign.

According to the pub's website, it has been refurbished in leather and oak and has a large function room available to the public for hire.  It classes itself as a family pub which has a welcoming atmosphere and experienced staff and they invite anyone to come and relax and sample the food.

The pub remains closed with its future uncertain.