Sainsbury's Store in Portsmouth Banned From Selling Alcohol

Many parents struggle enough to keep their children away from easily accessible alcohol, but when a major supermarket store repeatedly serves underage children it is easy to think that they are fighting a losing battle.  The Sainsbury's store in Farlington, Portsmouth has been banned from selling alcohol for just this reason.

The store is the first major supermarket store in England to have this restriction on selling alcohol for a forty eight hour period.  The choice of the ban was given alongside the option of going to court and facing a ten thousand pound fine and a ban for three months.

Should the store be found to be selling alcohol during the ban they could face a fine of twenty thousand pounds or even a six month prison sentence.

Caught Three Times

The store was caught three times selling alcohol to children aged between fourteen and seventeen.  The three 'test' purchases were over a three month period and in each case, the young teenager was sold a bottle of wine by a member of staff.  The store did however pass when the testers revisited the store to try and purchase alcohol again.

This tactic is being used throughout the country in a bid to curb underage drinking.  Officials have warned that selling alcohol to young children is an issue that needs to be taken seriously by large national retailers.

Sainsbury's has issued an apology for the inconvenience to its other customers and has accepted the responsibility for the past failures.  Shoppers will be made aware of the ban on their visit to the store but as yet, no signs have been put up informing them of this fact.

One customer commented that it was unfair for the customers who are of age to be penalised for the staffs' mistakes while another shopper stated that the ban would not be of any consequence as the duration was too short.


Sainsbury's first opened in 1869 in London and currently have over five hundred supermarkets and almost three hundred smaller convenience stores located around the country.

They are the UK's oldest retailing chain and they claim to provide satisfaction to customers and consider themselves to be a responsible retailer.