Teen Drinks a Bottle of Vodka and Eight Cans of Beer Every Day

Most teens have at some point had a drink or two but one teen in South Wales takes this to excess and has been known to drink up to eight cans of beer along with a whole bottle of vodka every single day.

Jamie-Lee Day is just seventeen years old and lives in Tonypandy in South Wales and she was just twelve years old when she first started drinking alcohol. 

It is normal for young people to experiment with alcohol or be pushed into tasting it by their peers and in Jamie-Lee's case, she and a friend wanted to feel the sensations of being drunk when it first started out.  Over the next couple of years, Jamie-Lee was drinking spirits in order to get drunk a bit quicker and she became aggressive and her school work slipped.

She is currently out of work and spends most of her benefits, which total around forty seven pounds a week on booze.  She would rather spend this money on alcohol than food and feels that she needs the alcohol to get through her every day life.

Jamie-Lee's mother, Meryl Day forbid her daughter from drinking alcohol but as she naturally worries about her, she provides her with food and pays her bills which leaves Jamie-Lee her own money to buy alcohol with.  This is an on-going problem for Meryl who is only thirty five as she has been scratched and bruised and even punched in the face by her daughter for refusing to provide her with alcohol in an effort to tackle the problem.

Jamie-Lee has been in plenty of trouble due to her drinking habits and even dropped out of a course in business admin as she could not bear to give up her drinking habit.  She has admitted that drinking makes her cry sometimes but at other times it makes her want to fight with someone.

Jamie-Lee has denied responsibility for the majority of her incidents involving the police stating that she was targeted by other people just because she was drunk and this would result in a fight breaking out.  Earlier this year while out drinking Jamie-Lee had a bottle thrown at her and she ended up in hospital.  With her mother at her bedside when she awoke after the incident, she vowed not to drink again but as soon as she was out of the hospital she was getting drunk on vodka.

Jamie-Lee currently has a supervision order for two years for assault and a referral order as she was in possession of a knife while drinking.  If Jamie-Lee reoffends she could be placed in prison.

Drink on the Increase

A new study has shown that the figures for women who binge drink have more than doubled in less than ten years.  Just under a quarter of these women consume more than twice the safe limit approved.  Women are risking their health as well as their jobs and livelihood in order to have a good time. 

It was also found that the figures for single women drinking heavily were much higher than those women who are married or living with someone.

The new licensing laws brought out in 2003 allowing some bars longer opening hours have been criticized as an encouraging factor in these rising figures.

Without more guidance it seems too easy that a normal curiosity about drinking turns into an addiction where teens lose their self esteem and their potential to really live their lives to the fullest.