Woman Drowns in Bath

Sheila Farrell, a fifty seven year old woman from Montenotte in Cork, Ireland was enjoying a routine pampering session in the bath when she slipped beneath the bath water and drowned.

Ger Crosson, husband of Sheila, stated that his wife would pamper herself at least once a month and the mother of three’s session would include a nice hot bath along with a face mask.  Sheila’s body was found by her husband, her daughter Fiona and Fiona’s boyfriend, but unfortunately this was not until the next day.

That fateful day, Ger left the house to go to work and he didn’t return home until much later that night after going out to dinner and a visit to the gym.  He was unable to get into the house as the door was locked and after trying to call his wife on the phone, he assumed that his wife was in bed fast asleep so he made the decision to sleep in his car which was located at a nearby hotel.

The next morning he drove out to West Cork before returning home later that evening and again he was unable to unlock the front door.  He went to Summerhill North where he met up with Fiona and her boyfriend who were out cycling and the trio made their way to the house.  Concerned for the woman, they entered the house by breaking a window in the front door.

Fiona, on seeing the bathroom door opened said that she felt her mother was inside the room but was unable to go in to check.  Her fears were confirmed when she heard her step-dad Ger begin screaming after he entered the room and found his wife underwater.

Apart from being on high blood pressure medication it was believed that overall Sheila was in good health.  During the inquest at Cork City Coroner’s Court it was stated that the woman drowned as a result of consuming too much wine and in fact she had a blood alcohol level of 319mg.   Her death was given a verdict of accidental by Dr Myra Cullinane.

The Risks

Everyone is aware of the risk factors of drowning in the bath, not just to children but also to adults alike.  When alcohol is put into the mix however, it becomes a high risk factor for anyone.  Consuming alcohol can affect a person’s balance, their mood, their judgment and even their sleepiness.  These could even be made worse still by the heat of the water.

This was an unfortunate accident especially as many women enjoy a glass or two of wine while relaxing in a hot soapy bath, but this also proves that people should be careful about how much alcohol they do consume during these relaxing moments.